An Iconic Heritage

An amalgamation of five generations of expertise, old school tradition and new world design; KDZ and Co. is where your quest for world-class Indian jewellery ends. Allow us to take you through the annals of time and show you glimpses of a journey that spans more than a century.

Making History


  1. 1914

    Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri is inaugurated at 245, Mumba Devi, Zaveri Bazaar by Dalpatbhai and his sons, Keshavlal and Sunderlal. The showroom is located exactly opposite the Mumbadevi temple, an iconic landmark of Mumbai.

  2. 1950

    An important decade in our journey, Keshavlal’s sons – Kantilal, Shantilal, Bansilal, Arvindkumar and Vinodkumar along with Sunderlal’s sons – Punamchand, Jaswant and Virendra join the jewellery business which flourishes across most parts of India. The house of KDZ starts exporting jewellery to strategic locations across the United States, France, England and South Africa.

  3. 1985

    A renovated showroom is inaugurated with a grand three-day event. The décor is inspired by the classic pink jharokhas of Jaipur. The wholesale business expands and we participate in our first jewellery exhibition, hosted by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

  4. 1987

    We introduce a line of authentic Bikaneri style jadau jewellery, which uses real jadau, diamond polkis, rubies and emeralds. This strategic move helps us expand our operations across the country, elevating us to market leaders in the direct-to-customer business during this era.

  5. 1993-95

    The business is divided to focus on different verticals.
    With clear focus on the retail aspect, a new store is inaugurated at Hughes Road, Mumbai under the name Keshavlal Dalpatbhai Zaveri & Co. The reins of KDZ and Co. are jointly operated by brothers, Virendra Bhai and Jaswant Bhai; along with the latter’s sons Devang and Parag.

  6. 2007

    We re-enter the wholesale business as KDZ and Co. and start supplying jewellery to every retail leader across the southern parts of India.

  7. 2012

    With the passing of Jaswantbhai, the fourth generation, Parag and Devang, lead the operations of KDZ and Co.

  8. 2014

    We celebrate our centenary on 14th September with a three-day event at KDZ and Co.’s renovated showroom at Hughes Road, Mumbai.

  9. 2020

    The fifth generation, Vishwam and Jaineel, join the business. KDZ and Co.’s inhouse B2B app launches on the Apple and Android playstore.

  10. 2021

    Barriq, a sister of company of KDZ and Co., with dedicated focus on e-commerce is established.

  11. 2023

    We launch Barriq Jewels to the Indian market.